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The Relax Rejuvenate and Grow Programme


Details of Program 

This Hypnotherapy programme is designed to help you to Relax Rejuvenate and help you Grow and move out of your comfort zone. It will also help you to Re-engerzise yourself , so that you can carry on doing the awesome things that you do for the many people in your life, whether it be in your personal life or professional life.  


I help facilitate a calming environment for you, where you can access the rejuvenating properties of your parasympathetic nervous system. All you have to do is breathe and follow my instructions.


Small Group - Minimum 4 people and Maximum 10


What do we cover?


Session 1 – Re-energise

This session will focus on relaxing , re-energising and re-focusing 


Session 2- Breaking Down Barriers

This session will focus on tacking those blocks and barriers and building up your confidence


Session 3 –Inner Child

This session will be about recognising when you need to take time out and take it. 


Session 4- Comfort Zone

This session will be about stepping out of that comfort zone. 

What past Clients have said......

Mother’s Day Instagram Post.png

“I found the sessions very calming and

relaxing. I looked forward to the

bit of 'me time' each week.


I came away with some handy

self-relaxation tips.


Namita has a very soothing voice and a friendly, calm approach,


Thank you for the gift of the sessions.”

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