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Anger Management


Anger is a natural and normal emotion, which we might experience in response to threats, if we feel deceived, frustrated, unfairly treated or if things don’t go the way we want them to go. It inspires powerful, often aggressive, feelings and behaviors, which allow us to fight and to defend ourselves. Anger is therefore, is necessary to our survival. But when used aggressively and starts to get out of control then it is something we need to address. 


There are three types of anger that help identify how we react in a situation. These are


  1. Passive Aggression

Many of us do not like to that we are angry because we may not like  confrontation. This anger is called passive aggression. We become silent when we are angry, we may sulk and pretend that everything is fine. 

2. Open Aggression

On the other hand, there are people who have a tendency to lash out in anger and rage, this becoming physically or verbally aggressive and can often times hurt themselves or others. This is called Open Aggression. Open aggression comes from a need to be in control. 

3. Assertive Anger

The most healthy way to deal with anger is by being controlled and confident, talking and listening, and open to help in dealing with the situation. Assertive anger is helpful and can help relationships to grow. It means being patient,  not raising your voice, being able to communicate how you are feeling emotionally in a calm manner. When you deal with anger assertively, you exhibit that you are mature and care about your relationships and yourself.

Our Goal together in anger management will be to reduce both your emotional feelings and the physiological arousal that anger causes. You cannot control the actions of others nor can you change them but you can learn to control your reactions. I will help you/ your child to

  1. Understand and make sense of the triggers that make you irritated, frustrated or angry. 

  2. Set short and long term goals to develop new habits of behaviour in those situations that you recognise as provoking. You will learn that getting angry is a choice and you are in control of your actions. 

  3. You will learn to step back from your thoughts and develop new ways to  respond. This will help you to develop new and effective ways to manage your thoughts and interpretations. 


My sessions will guide and support you/or your child to ensure that the changes are positive and sustainable long term. A combination of CBT/NLP with Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness will give you an opportunity to talk and identify the triggers and find ways to manage your Anger in a more positive manner. 

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