Drawing and Talking Therapy 


Drawing and Talking Therapy is a 12 session Programme aimed at Children, Teens and Adults. 


This is a gentle non-intrusive method of working with traumatic experiences and memories. This approach has been found very useful as drawing enables us to express our worries and feelings when we cannot find the courage to bring ourselves to express our emotions and experiences in words. Over time with the help of these drawings and emphatic attention, support and the use of metaphors it will help you or your child reach the stage that you will find that you are able to heal, come to terms with the event/s and move on. 

Drawing and Talking Therapy will help with 


  • Traumas experienced through


       - Neglect due to drug, alcohol and financial problems

       - Emotional Neglect 

       - Accidents

       - Taken into care

       - Adverse birth conditions

       - Divorce and Separation

       - New partners coming into the family 

       - New Baby (The feeling of not being wanted)

       - Illness

       - Physical/Mental Abuse

       - The burden of being a young carer


  • Loss and Bereavement  

  • Bullying 

  • School Transition

  • Selective Mutism

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