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Namita has helped me understand that I am in control of my thoughts, feelings and perceptions.  The primary reason to

seek help was Extreme Insomnia and Sleep Debt, mainly as a result of cancer, its

after-effects and the long term

medication required.  Three years of almost zero sleep was pushing me to the limit and the end of my tether.


After the first session, I started to feel more positive, the recordings and hypnosis session was so relaxing.  Over the course of 3 more sessions, I feel more energised and am sleeping better using the techniques Namita has taught me.  Added bonuses being that I feel my anxieties have eased, I am able to challenge negative thoughts and feel that I can deal with challenging situations

without chaos in my mind.

I highly recommend Namita and Aligned Mindset Therapy. It has been an enlightening journey, feeling relaxed and in the safe hands of a true professional. Thank you Namita!


Rina - Kent

"The Weight Loss Programme addresses may aspects of healing, reflection, release, expanded awareness and tools for a lifetime.Fantastic Programme"

A Weight loss Client 

"Namita... I just wanted to say thank you once again. Genuinely just one session has made so much difference to my life and thinking. I'm actually getting people commenting on how something has changed but can't figure it out. I really appreciate it.” SK

“Thank you for the sessions. The program has brought my flushes under control and I feel much more able to cope with the menopause symptoms. Highly recommend "

A Menopause Relief Client

“ I attended coaching sessions with Namita to get over my past. I had recently found about things from my past that I was not being able to accept. I had a few sessions with her. I managed to achieve what I went to see her for. I can recommend Namita. She was very professional, kind and understanding. “ RT

"Thank you for your help and time with time line therapy, only if I knew such a thing existed. I am so grateful for your patience and time with showing me how to remove my negative memories and blocks and how to move on. I felt light and happy – content… slept well. Didn’t even know that so much in me was stopping me from progressing. Thank you for making me a happier and Calmer" SJ

“Namita is amazing. My son had zero confidence. She had hypnotherapy sessions with him which was amazing. The sessions have made a Hugh difference. He is happy, confident, much more positive and enjoying life again! Absolutely delighted” HM (Mum of 9 year old boy)

"I have been given your name by (name) mother of (name) who is attending one of your workshops.  She has told me that you have had a very positive impact on (name)  well-being and we, at school, can see this. I have been (name)  school mentor for some time  and can see the change in him". Mentor (Primary School)

My lovely son is so much more confident, and happy, excited going to school ( which he used to detest). He is happy and laughing and enjoying life again.” Mum of 9 year old boy

“I will be more positive & confident and not afraid to talk to people anymore” – 8 year old boy

“(Name) has had a brilliant experience with Namita. The sessions have defeinitly changed him for the better. He is a more open confident child.”–Parent of 10 year old boy

“Namita, I just wanted to say a big thank you for all your help with (name). Her confidence has grown, her energy levels are higher and she is happier”. Parent of a 7 year old


I have been overweight for the last 10-12 years and every time I controlled my diet and started to exercise, it was easy for me to lose the extra pounds, but only for them to come back with a vengeance as soon as I stopped exercising and started eating all the things I had

deprived myself off.


I am now into week 10 of this 12-week programme, and have already  lost inches that were stuck at all the wrong places, still eating and enjoying all my favourite foods. I have learnt how to eat the quantity that my body really needs and not binge eat. I feel no craving for the evil fattening foods that cause weight gain because my mind is now trained to eat healthy and

little at shorter intervals.


I totally recommend hypnotherapy for weight loss.


““I was drawn to this weight loss programme because it looked simple and easy to follow. I had been struggling to lose weight for a long time. I am so grateful I found it. Thank you Namita."”

A Weight loss Client

“A practical and realistic weight loss programme that delivered the result I wanted”

A Weight loss Client

“The relaxation and breathing has been the most useful part of the program. Alongside a reduction in the number and intensity hot flushes, I am definitely feeling more relaxed and sleeping better” A Menopause Relief Client

“Thank you for helping our son. I cannot believe that the workshop has done him so much good. {name} was always good in studies but his lack of confidence was holding him back… for the first time ever {name} was participating in in the lesson and interacting more with other children… We think your workshop has helped tremendously and would like to book some One 2 One sessions… transitioning to Secondary School.” RM -Parent of 10 year old boy.

“Namita is a very knowledgeable teacher / trainer, her tips and tricks of how to make your child listen to you helped a lot… especially when she shares her experiences as a mother… Appreciate all the effort and extra time she gave us in the training understanding why we attended the course and find us the right solutions to our issues!” SBJ

“Interesting, engaging and empowering session. The workshop allowed us to answer all the important questions that us parents have. Namita shared practical strategies as well as explained the communication and thinking behind some of our parenting behaviours” DSN

“I’m now understanding me a little, not just as a parent. I learnt how to motivate and support my child more effectively with my new knowledge of processes linked around communication.” JH

“The workshop was helpful and I know more about how my thinking works” 10 year old boy

“Thank you for the feedback. S enjoyed the workshop and said he played some games which he has done at school. He said he felt more confident. Thank you. RC”

“Namita is calming and reassuring to both myself and my child. The advise and steps I put in place had immediate effect as even others noticed the difference. I highly recommend Namita. Not only has my child benefited and learnt how to overcome her worries but I too have learnt so much.” BB

( Parent of a 9 year old girl)

“We contacted Namitha after finding some very positive reviews on Facebook. Our interaction with her was for over half a year and we are very happy to say that our interaction with her yielded very positive results. We had a few concerns with our son mainly to do with his rather negative approach in many situations and also with certain aspects of his behaviour. After a few sessions with her we noticed a marked improvement in his behaviour and also exhibiting a more positive attitude. More importantly post the NLP sessions, the affirmations given by her to our son have helped him a lot in maintaining his positive attitude. We highly recommend Namita. She has transformed our son’s behaviour and attitude for the better very tangibly.”

Parent of a 8 year old

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