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Stop Smoking 


The majority of smokers, start smoking at a young age through a conscious decision and before long it becomes an addictive habit. Like any other habit, it is hard to break by willpower alone because this has become a deeply embedded part of who you are. 

You then start to depend  on cigarettes in certain situations, and associate smoking with certain activities. Once this process has begun, the choice to give up smoking may become extremely difficult. 

Just remember that once you were a healthy non-smoker who could engage in any activity, any situation, without even the slightest thought about cigarettes. 

The aim of the stop smoking hypnotherapy treatment is for you to feel at ease and satisfied as a non-smoker. 

All you need to bring to this single 2-hour session is a strong desire and motivation to stop smoking.


It is important that you are ready and the decision to stop smoking is yours and that you are not feeling pressure or persuasion from a family member or friend.


As said above, it can be very difficult to stop smoking by willpower alone. However, when we combine willpower with hypnotherapy, the process can be simple with immediate and positive effects.


Hypnotherapy works on a subconscious level by changing the mind’s dependency on cigarettes. The trance is deeply relaxing and allows the changes to be accepted rather than resisted. It is very powerful, effective and gives you back control.


You will receive a complimentary MP3 which will assist you through the process and increase your chances of success.


”The use of hypnosis in stop smoking therapy

is the most effective help available

to those who are addicted to smoking.”

(British Medical Association)

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