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Benefits of Journaling

Journaling or diary writing may be something you already do or it may be something you dip in and out. Journaling for 15 minutes three times a week over a 12 week period is evidenced to improve well-being, reduce stress and bring clarity.

Journaling can help in the years leading up to Menopause and beyond. Peri-menopause is a period of adjustment and during this period that sometimes can last a long time, having a journal to jot down you goals, changes you experience in your body and how you feel can help you ground you.

This will help you look back at the challenges you have overcome and help you to overcome other challenges that come your way during your Menopause Journey.

Some benefits of Journaling are

1. Relaxing and clearing your mind, allowing space and time to focus on the

positive aspects of your life and increases your general sense of gratitude, which results in a more positive and appreciative mindset.

2. It helps with letting go and reflecting on your negative thoughts.

3. When you journal you write about your challenges and achievements. This

can help bring clarity to your vision in life and drive you towards your goals.

4. It helps you Release pent-up anxiety and thoughts

5. It helps you enhance your self-awareness and helps you acknowledge your

triggers. It can help you recognise things that would otherwise go unnoticed,

such as patterns in your thinking, the influences behind your feelings and


6. It also helps you keep track of your progress and is a great way to

acknowledge your achievements and help you stay motivated

Namita Bhatia

Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist

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