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Working with Schools


Supporting Children and Parents at School 

Support with NLP Sessions 


  • ​Challenging Behaviour

  • Improving Confidence

  • Overcome Anxiety

  • Friendship Issues

  • Managing Anger

  • Lack of Motivation

  • Coping with Exam Stress

  • Improving Concentration

  • Bullying

  • Transitioning to Secondary School

Support with Drawing and Talking Therapy Sessions 


  • Traumas experienced through


       - Neglect due to drug, alcohol and financial


       - Emotional Neglect 

       - Accidents

       - Taken into care

       - Adverse birth conditions

       - Divorce and Separation

       - New partners coming into the family 

       - New Baby (The feeling of not being wanted)

       - Illness

       - Physical/Mental Abuse

       - The burden of being a young carer


  • Loss and Bereavement 

  • Selective Mutism

I provide group sessions, workshops and one 2 one sessions for children and their parents at schools, after school clubs or youth clubs.

Specialised tailored programmes for schools address specific issues they may be facing, either as a result from an individual or group. Transitioning to secondary school and bereavement councelling are just some of the many areas we can help by being situated in the school, an after school club or kids/youth club.


Contact me if you would like to receive more information. 

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