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Responsibilities of you as my Client 



  1. Be honest with me which means that you should honestly communicate your needs so that I am able to assist you in full light of what is going on in your life

  2. Your Goals need to be ecological and realistic.

  3. You  should be willing to take full responsibility of the change and should be motivated by giving your 100% to the sessions. Without your commitment success would not be possible. 

  4. You should be willing to commit to doing the homework/ tasking I give you in between sessions. 

  5. You should be receptive and willing to develop skills. 

  6. You should be open and if you don’t understand something then you should ask me. 

  7. And most importantly you should regularly turn up for the sessions.



My Responsibility as your Hypnotherapist & Coach and Facilitator


  1. It is my role to provide you with a comfortable and safe place to share.

  2. I will be mindful and listen attentively so that understand your needs as a client.

  3. I will discuss your goals, treatment plan and the frequency of the sessions with you. 

  4. All sessions will be confidential. 

  5. I will explain what is involved in hypnotherapy and teach you self-hypnosis if you are having hypnotherapy sessions with me. 

  6. I will give you tasks in between sessions as they are an important part of the treatment plan. 

  7. If the treatment is beyond my sphere of competence then I will refer you on. 

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