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Deep Relaxation Session

Eyes Closed

One of the simplest and most important gifts you can give to yourself or a loved ones is to   undertake regular deep relaxation. 

As busy people in your roles as entrepreneurs, businesswomen, mums, wives, cooks, cleaners and rushing around keeping up with the modern pace of life does not leave you with anytime for yourself. The “Me” Time. 

Keeping this in mind I offer Deep Relaxation Hypnotherapy sessions. This sessions provide you or your loved ones  with an opportunity to discharge all of the built-up pressure and to learn how to take greater care of themselves and their health through deep relaxation.

In a Deep Relaxation Hypnotherapy Session I will invite you to recline comfortably in a chair or lie down in a comfortable position. I will then lead you through a guided relaxation, which is a step-by-step process of relaxing each part of the body in turn and then leading your thoughts and mind away from the troubles of the ordinary week into a place of peace and tranquillity. No matter how hard you have found it to relax in the past, this practice and guidance will be invaluable in helping you to embark on a new habit of real, deep relaxation in the future.

For decades Hypnotherapy has been a recognised form of relaxation therapy. It can reduce 'stress chemicals' and bring the body back to balance. Regular sessions ease built up pressure and tension, helping you to learn how to look after yourself better. 


Deep relaxation can:

  • relieve stress and mental tension

  • help to restore and strengthen parts of the immune system

  • provide a measure of relief from chronic pain, backache, tension headaches and migraine

  • help to lower blood pressure

  • calm the automatic fight-or-flight response

  • unlock emotional blockages that can hold you back in your life


Why not get this session as a gift for yourself or a loved one? 

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